Below is the information from last year’s Cosplay Contest. Though it will be similar, plase check back closer to time for final details.

1005am – 1pm – Cosplay Contest Sign Ups – Main Stage

Come join the biggest cosplay contest in the Charleston area! Participating is FREE and we have 3 levels to participate

1. All-Ages Cosplay contest – Are you a kid or young adult who wants to walk the stage and show off your costume our all-ages contest! Each contestant will be announced as they walk the stage and showcase their look. No judges needed as each kid is a winner in this contest!

 2. Intermediate Contest – Have you assembled and personified an epic character of pop culture? Then this level is for you! We want to see excitement, personality, and embodiment as your bring your cosplay to life!

3. Advanced Contest – Are you ready for the runway with an expertly crafted costume? That time spend sewing, designing, painting, and creating the perfect look has been well spent, and now it’s time to bring your costume to life on stage!Each participant in the Intermediate and Advanced level will be given a time to come by to talk to the judges about your cosplay, how it was built, and what makes it unique. Then the personality aspect of the contest will be displayed on stage at  the 230 contest. The winners will have a mix of a great costume and presentation on stage. If you are not sure which level to enter, the team from CCE will be glad to help you find the right level for your costume.