Panels & Special Events


Saturday: 10a-6p

10am – Day 1 of Captain’s Comic Expo begins!

1005am – The 501st takes the stage to begin the STAR WARS EXPERIENCE 

(No additional charge to meet the stage characters, but a donation to the Lowcountry Orphan Relief is always appreciated)

1010am –  Jump Castle and Food Trucks are outside in the courtyard!


1015am –  Artwork on sale at the main stage with 100% of money raised to the Lowcountry Oprhan Relief


11amWriting The Great Charleston Novel – Charleston authors Arylias Nova & Leah Rhyne (both finalists for best local author awards) will be discussing everything you wanted to know about taking a great idea from concept to finished book. If you want to learn the process, enjoy a laugh, and pick the brain of these ladies, this panel is for you!


12pmUpstate Heroes of Cosplay Unite! – Join us as Sadie, Shawn, and Virginia of the Upstate Heroes come and talk about their cosplay adventures and how they use their super hero identities to help people across the upstate! If you love to dress out and want to share your joy with others, come check them out!


1pmChad & Chris have 1 hour to save the world! - Chris Sims and Chad Bowers are back to talk comics, pop culture, writing, comedy, and saving the world. These 2 guys are a ton of fun, and their panel is not to be missed!


230pm – Live Charity Art Auction – Main Stage

Check out the main stage as Mike hosts a live art auction! We will have amazing pieces created just for the Expo including the original Sentinel vs Marvel piece from the Expo print! Come bid on great artwork with 100% of money raised going directly to the Lowcountry Orphan Relief!


3pm10 years of Captain’s Comics and Toys – Mike is coming up on his 10th anniversary of owning Captain’s Comics and Toys. This panel will be a mix of funny stories, experiences, and laughs from the archives of Captain’s Comics and Toys.


6pm – End of day 1!



Sunday: 10a-4p


10am – Day 2 of Captain’s Comic Expo begins!


10am –  Today is Cosplay day with a stage full of super heroes, Ghostbusters, Disney Princesses & other friends to meet!

(No additional charge to meet the stage characters, but a donation to the Lowcountry Orphan Relief is always appreciated)


1005am – 1pm – Cosplay Contest Sign Ups – Main Stage

Come join the biggest cosplay contest in the Charleston area! Participating is FREE and we have 3 levels to participate

1. All-Ages Cosplay contest – Are you a kid or young adult who wants to walk the stage and show off your costume our all-ages contest! Each contestant will be announced as they walk the stage and showcase their look. No judges needed as each kid is a winner in this contest!

 2. Intermediate Contest – Have you assembled and personified an epic character of pop culture? Then this level is for you! We want to see excitement, personality, and embodiment as your bring your cosplay to life!

3. Advanced Contest – Are you ready for the runway with an expertly crafted costume? That time spend sewing, designing, painting, and creating the perfect look has been well spent, and now it’s time to bring your costume to life on stage! The winner will receive an amazing prize (I can’t officially announce it yet).

Each participant in the Intermediate and Advanced level will be given a time to come by to talk to the judges about your cosplay, how it was built, and what makes it unique. Then the personality aspect of the contest will be displayed on stage at  the 230 contest. The winners will have a mix of a great costume and presentation on stage. If you are not sure which level to enter, the team from CCE will be glad to help you find the right level for your costume.


1010am -  Jump Castle and Food Trucks are outside in the courtyard!


1015am -  Artwork on sale at the main stage with 100% of money raised to the Lowcountry Oprhan Relief


11amMaking Action (Labs) Comics! - Jeremy Whitley and Alex Smith will take the stage to discuss their work on Princeless from Action Labs. Jeremy is also the writer on Marvel’s Unstoppable Wasp while Alex has worked in the freelance artist world for years. Come enjoy as they talk and interact the world of creating comics!


12pm - Love yourself, Be your own hero Cosplay panelSybil Todd of White Knight Cosplay will be joining us for this special panel about using cosplay to find out who you are and what you want from life. As the cosplay world continues to grow, this is a great opportunity to learn from the pros about the best cosplay for you!


1pmUltimate Expo Trivia - Think you are the smartest nerd at the Expo? Do you have what it takes to win Ultimate Expo Trivia? Come test your brains as we do super hero trivia for cool prizes! No cost to participate, but always good for a laugh!


230pm – Cosplay Contest – Main Stage

Come to the main stage as the costumed heroes, villains, and friends join us for the Cosplay contest! Who has the coolest look at the Expo? Who can embody their character? How badly will Mike ruin the pronunciation of anime names? Find out at the big event!


4pm – Captain’s Comic Expo Concludes!